Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome to the new Open Shelves Classification Blog!

Welcome to the new Open Shelves Classification Blog!

This blog will serves as the central clearing house of information related to OSC Project.

Our goal here will be to have a forum to summarize and discuss proposed changes to OSC so as to lower the barrier of entry for new people to the project. In addition Laena and I as facilitators of the project will discuss some of the behind-the-scenes tasks we do for the project.

But first, in the vein of serving as your one-stop-shop for OSC, here are links to previous blog posts about eh project from the LibraryThing blog:

2/2/09 OSC gets the once-over at ALA in Denver

1/20/09 Open Shelves Classification: First draft live and at ALA Midwinter

11/7/08 Open Shelves Classification Update: Looking for Data from Public Libraries

8/6/08: Open Shelves Classification: Update and Summary

8/5/08 Open Shelves Classification: Welcome Laena and David

7/8/08 Build the Open Shelves Classification

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