Friday, March 20, 2009

More Leaders Needed for OSC!

In order to do have greater transparency on why changes are being made, we are asking for volunteers who are willing to take on the stewardship of different top levels. These people will:
  • Read the discussions in the forum (sometimes on multiple threads) and help facilitate the conversation.
  • Monitor for when a proposed change to a level is made and see if a consensus emerges on the change.
  • Summarize the discussion on the change and the decided action here on the blog for everyone to see.
We already have a few volunteers, but we need about 35 more people.

Below is a list of the top levels and whether or not we have a volunteer. If you are interested in grabbing one of the levels not spoken for or serving as a back up for a taken level, email me at dconner3 AT gmail DOT com.

Agriculture - available
Anthropology & Sociology - available
Antiques & Collectibles - available
Architecture - available
Art - taken
Biography & Autobiography - available
Business - available
Careers - available
Computers - available
Crafts & Hobbies - available
Design - taken
Economics - available
Education - available
Family & Relationships - available
Fiction - taken
Film & Television - available
Food & Drink - available
Gardening - available
General Knowledge - available
Health & Fitness - available
History - taken
House & Home - available
Humor - available
Languages & Linguistics - available
Law - available
Literary Criticism - available
Mathematics - available
Paranormal & Occult - available
Music - available
Performing Arts - taken
Pets - available
Philosophy - available
Politics & Government - available
Poetry - available
Psychology - available
Religion - taken
Science - taken
Self-Help - available
Sports & Recreation - available
Technology & Engineering - available
Travel & Geography - available
True Crime - available

Monday, March 9, 2009

Top levels still being debated

Film & Television: Should it become MEDIA instead and include radio, journalism, internet TV, etc.? For discussion, see FILM & TELEVISION thread in the Build the Open Shelves Classification group on LibraryThing.

Fiction, Literary Crit, Drama, Poetry
: Should there be a LITERATURE top level to include all these? For the discussion, see the Build the Open Shelves Classification group on LibraryThing.

Pets: Debate on whether this should be a top level.

Humor. Is this confusing? Useful in a public library? Speak out on the thread!

Current Top Level Categories

Anthropology & Sociology
Antiques & Collectibles
Biography & Autobiography
Crafts & Hobbies
Family & Relationships
Film & Television
Food & Drink
General Knowledge
Health & Fitness
House & Home
Languages & Linguistics
Literary Criticism
Paranormal & Occult
Performing Arts
Politics & Government
Sports & Recreation
Technology & Engineering
Travel & Geography
True Crime

Welcome to the new Open Shelves Classification Blog!

Welcome to the new Open Shelves Classification Blog!

This blog will serves as the central clearing house of information related to OSC Project.

Our goal here will be to have a forum to summarize and discuss proposed changes to OSC so as to lower the barrier of entry for new people to the project. In addition Laena and I as facilitators of the project will discuss some of the behind-the-scenes tasks we do for the project.

But first, in the vein of serving as your one-stop-shop for OSC, here are links to previous blog posts about eh project from the LibraryThing blog:

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